It’s a Process

In my many years here on earth, I have learned how I like to do things.  If you have ever watched me work, you will notice that I do things in order.

Here’s an example…

When a shipment of boxes comes into the candle store where I work part-time (to earn Stampin’ money), three things have to happen.  Product needs marked off the list, boxes need opened, stuff need to go on shelves.  There are two schools of thought as to how this should happen.

  • School 1 grabs a box, opens it up, marks off the contents, then puts product on shelves.
  • School 2 marks off all contents, opens all boxes, puts all the stuff away.

I am a fan of the second.  Sure, I have to move boxes a few times…  to line them up so I can see all the items numbers. Most of the candles come in a box with a number on the outside while smaller stuff comes in boxes with a packing label – these are handled a bit differently and last.  So, I can get through 100 boxes in about 3 hours.  After I mark them off, I open them all and take the candles out then I collapse boxes, then I stock the shelves.   Then I check off multi-item boxes with contents vs. packing list… put items away then check them off the list.

(Please note that everyone knows my way is better and is the reason I am called in to work to help with big shipments… they just stay out of my way and let me go…  🙂 )

An order to life…  do the first step of everything then do the second step.  That is my process of doing most things.  I can see why Henry Ford thought of the Assembly line.  He must have thought the same way.

I approach my mass card making the same way… and I did the same thing for the scrapbooks I did for a friend for Christmas.

  1. Design cards and jot down measurements
  2. Cut as many pieces for the cards that I can (I am a cut-then-stamp kind of girl – especially with photopolymer stamps!)
  3. Stamp everything
  4. Do any left over punching and cutting.
  5. Assemble!

So, I took yesterday day off to help my oldest boy with his taxes and budgeting but he was never home.  I ended up spending all day in the craftroom cutting down cardstock and DSP for about 20 different card designs.  Add this to the almost 20 I did the other…  and I am on track for the craft fair.  I have about 30 more designs to cut before I can start stampin’!  I’ll be sure to take a picture of my progress!

But, just so that you can start your process, here is a card sketch!cs-004

I envision it using Blushing Bride Glimmer paper and a black-based DSP.  But… there are new colors of Glimmer Paper!  Have you seen them yet?


This 6″ x 6″ Glimmer Paper Assortment Pack comes with 12 sheets; 4 each of 3 colors (Bermuda Bay, Mint Macaron, Sweet Sugarplum) and is available only for a limited time and are FREE with a $50 purchase.

Imagine the possibilities!!!

Let me see what you come up with!

Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne


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