The Light of Heaven

I’m sure you’ve been there – multiple times!  No, silly… not Heaven… Pinterest.  There you are, scrolling through the masses when something catches your eye.  But, you went past it too quick and now you can’t find it again.  Or…  you have a bazillion pins of similar things that are all just different enough…

Something in these pins inspires you.  It sits with you until all you can see is the vision you were made to create.  Well, that was me a couple weeks ago.  I think I was inspired by a rash of sunburst cards or the Star of Light collections…  either way, This card flashed into my mind and I haven’t been able to get it out until now.  I even had to order a new stamp set just for the occasion.

The Joyful Nativity set was on my list… I just didn’t own it yet!  But, it works perfect!

So, here is my latest creation.  It really wasn’t that hard with a ruler and some patience.  Turn out first try other than some messing up on the actual stampin’ inside.  But, it’s just a starting point for more cards!



Notice how my watermark above hides the bit of stampin’ where I must have picked up something that was on my foam from when I was “breaking in” my new stamps.

Yes, you usually do need to break in your new photopolymer stamps before you use them.  Some people use a bit of sandpaper or an emery board.  I just stamp multiple times with it and clean it on my absorbent pad.  It helps a bit.  The only thing that really seems to help is just use!!!  Use those stamps, People!!!

And BONUS – I did a tutorial with this one!  Here you go!  Click on the link below to get the pdf file.



The measurements weren’t tricky or anything, really. I didn’t mark them, but I started with a 5.5″ x 4.25″ layer and cut from there.  Of course, I will need to find a use for that center section now.  But, here are the measurements that should make it easier.  They are also in the project sheet!


I can’t wait to see what inspires me next!

Oh – funny story about this card.  I told my husband I needed to work in my craft room because I was inspired.  But, I had another project I needed to finish first.  So, he came up a few times before I started working on it.  Then, when I finally did get it done – he was already in bed.  He works very early mornings, so it wasn’t late or anything.  Well, he was still a little bit awake when I went into the room and he asked to see it.  He loved it.  I put it on the kitchen island so I wouldn’t forget it.  He looked at it again and took a picture of it.  He was bragging to his co-workers about it… now I have an order for a dozen more!!!

So, I now have to figure out how to make an envelope it will fit in!

Until next time,  keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne






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    1. The Star of Light bundle was available in the 2016 Holiday Catalog. But, have no fear… It can still be ordered as it will be carried over into the new Annual Catalog coming in June 2017. They are still available to order in the online store.

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