So Much to Do!

So little desire to do it!

Have you ever been there.  I am there.  It’s not that I am lazy or tired (well, I am that!), or overwhelmed.  I just have other things that I want to do.

A little overview of my day…

  • 6:20am    Wake up and take a shower
  • 7am           Make breakfast while helping daughter with homework
  • 7:30am     Leave for school and work
  • 8-3pm      Work, work, work… and then work more
  • 3pm           Go home and start cooking dinner
  • 3:30pm     Cook dinner / clean up
  • 5pm           Run kiddos to various locations and run various
  • 9pm           Start helping son with homework

Why is it that we are always so busy.  Is it wrong that on Tuesday morning, I am already looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning?

I just would absolutely like to be doing nothing but hanging out in my craft room, organizing, making cards, even sweeping and dusting!  But, when I do get a chance to go up there… I never want to come down.  So, unless I have all night to do nothing but stamp, I don’t dare enter the black hole of creativity!

When I am upstairs, I lose all track of time.  I get lost in watching sappy chick-flicks while trying out new techniques or cutting pieces for new cards.

I mean, really… When I am at work, I am thinking about what cards I could be making.  I think, “Oh… I’ll just check real quick on Pinterest!”  I am not sure about you… but “real quick” and “Pinterest” should never be in the same sentence.  Next thing I know, It’s been an hour and I just want to go home and play with my stamps and paper!

So, here is what I did the one day I did take off a little bit early – shhh… don’t tell my boss!

I made a shaker card using one of the Hostess Sets from the 2016-2017 Annual catalog.  I am still working on shaker cards… trying different things to make them shake right.

Great, now I want to go home and try something new…

But, before I go… here are the directions on how I made that card!


Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne