Taco Tuesday

Wow!  What a great idea.  I am not sure who invented it, but who doesn’t love it!?!  Of course, I am fully aware that tacos can be eaten everyday and don’t think I don’t!

Tacos come in so many different kinds…

Fish Tacos!

Pork Tacos!

Ground Beef Tacos!


Anything can be put into a tortilla, folded in half, and tasty yummy!

But, have you ever been to a taco truck?  I haven’t but boy do they look good!  Living in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere has it’s disadvantages…  We do not have Taco trucks.  We do have the weekly BBQ trailer… but no taco truck!

So, here is my plea to you.  If you have a food truck, please drive it to my town and I will gladly purchase whatever you are pushing.

Stampin’ Up clearly has the same love of food trucks that I could very easily attain…  but, obviously, they have had some experience with them.  From ice cream trucks to hot dog trucks…  they have a truck for that… 🙂

Look, they even have a taco truck!!!


With the perfect greeting on the inside!

“Let’s TACO ’bout how awesome you are!”


How cute is that?  I just love it.  Next to the the crazy chicken set, this is my favorite set in the Sale-a-Bration catalog.  You can get it for FREE with a $50 order.  Visit my online store or email me for for more information.

What do you think you could do with this set?

I am thinking I need to do a gel card with it.  So, that is what I am off to try!  Of course, I will post pictures of it.  After all, I am on card #12 of 13.. so I am running low!

Until next time, keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne

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