Pumpkin Spike Lattes, Anyone???

So, a few days ago, I welcomed fall with this cute little picture…

While, I have never owned a hedgehog, I think they are just the cutest little thing on earth.  I am sure if I asked my husband if I could get one, he would say, “Absolutely not!”  After all, he has vetoed just about every other animal request I have had…  no chickens, no goats, no cats, no llamas, no ostriches, no zebras, no alpacas…  No nothing fun!

In fact, the kids call him the “Fun Sponge” because he sucks the fun out of everything.  But, we all still love him because someone needs to be an adult in the family and we all know it ain’t me 🙂 LOL

So, with my welcome fall blog post, I said that I would make a card and post it on my Facebook.  Which, if you have not gone and liked my page – you will want too…  there is also something going on over there! Just click here to be taken to it!!!

But, in the meantime, here is the card that I had made to celebrate Pumpkin Spike Season!

I just love how those little hedgehogs appear out of no where when you chop the bottom off the Painted Harvest Flower.

And, that Designer Series Paper…  how can you not love that paper?  It’s even on sale right now!  It’s part of the Coffee Break paper.

So, what inventive stuff have you come up with lately???

Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne



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