Proud Navy Momma!

If you are anything like me, you buy all the stuff to make  great cards.  You case Pinterest and blogs and see what everyone else is up to.  You have visions of cards running through your head each night while you sleep.  And then, nothing.  You are so busy, you don’t make the cards… you don’t send any to people.  Your stampin’ stuff is just sitting there collecting dust because life has gotten in the way.

So, I spent the past two months making cards for my boy while he was away at Naval Recruit Training Center at Great Lakes (North Chicago). I tried to send him at least one a week. Some weeks, I sent two.  I did CASE cards and I did some those fancy folds I’ve always wanted to try but never had a reason.  I know – one don’t always need a reason to make a fancy fold card…:) )

The cards above are just some of the ones I remembered to take pictures of.  I did learn that it doesn’t really take much time at all to just whip up something special.  No one knows what it looked like in your head and if the final project is anywhere near close to that.  They won’t care about anything other than YOU made a card for THEM… from your heart!!!  (I know there are some retired stuff on the cards above – sorry.. just the perfect excuse to get out that stuff.  But, look – there is new stuff too!)

Of course… there was the one card that led to a card making frenzy for new sailors.  Dell showed my cards to his division mates.  They all loved the one shown below.  Dell, the caring guy he is, told them all, and more, that I would be more than happy to make a card for each of them.  The purpose of the card was for the Sailors to send the cards back home to a school, a church, or a person that sent them special encouraging words just to say “Thank you for thinking about me!”  With such a sweet cause, how could I not.  Of course, the card they loved was one that I had CASE’d from the Artisan team and wasn’t one that just was simple stamped layers.  Oh no, it involved water coloring, multiple stamps, knot tying… But, what can I say?  I love my boy!!!  So, I made 168 cards for those Sailors.  As they were made and packaged in clear envelopes with a stamped mailing envelope and a note of encouragement from me, I said a little prayer for the Sailor and the recipient.

Of course, just because he isn’t in training anymore does not mean that I won’t still me making and sending him cards.  They may come a little less often, but they will still be sent!  And, now I can send treats!!!  And, he has a roommate!!!  Oh, let the fun begin!

But, I will be sending to more that just him and his roommate.  I pledge to you… I will be making AND mailing at least two cards every week to various people around the country – heck, around the world!!!

Oh yeah, I had to make him so treats for his graduation.  So, I baked him some of his favorites – Brownie Bites, Shortbread Bites, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Bites.  It was really just an excuse to make special packaging!  I also made two cards that were just a hair different.  Since he didn’t need both, I addressed one to a “Sailor in need of a few words of encouragement” and had Dell give it to someone who fit the bill!  I did research in making the card to match the new Dress Whites… the Box matches the Dress Blues (which are in fact, black!).. and the Seabag fits into the uniform… which is the only bag they are allowed to carry on their backs while in dress uniforms.


And, while I am on the pledge wagon here – I also will pledge to try my hardest to make at least one blog post each week.  I have failed miserably in the past.. but this time…  Hopefully!!!

Until next time… Remember to Keep It Simple, Stampers!!!

🙂  Joanne

PS – Here is a picture of my handsome Sailor!!!  So proud of him 🙂

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