Not Even Half-Way!

2017-02-24 07.19.59.jpg

Good morning from the cold north… just kidding – this is the warmest winter we have ever had.  Literally, it was 70 degrees when I took this photo this morning.  In February.  Yes, this is extreme Southern Illinois (or So Ill as we call it down here!).  It should be in the 30’s-40’s.. not 60’s and 70’s.

Really, this was my view from the back deck as I was running upstairs to my honey hole above the garage.  I wanted to take a picture of my progress so far on my cards to show y’all.  But, I could not resist snapping a picture of that view.  What you can’t see (or hear) is the major interstate on the other side of the field across the pond.. but still… what a great place to live!

So, I said I was making progress in my cards and 3D projects for the craft fair now just barely a week away.


That right there folks is is the fixin’s for 4 each of 35 different designs cut and ready for stampin’ along with about 25 boxes using the Window Box Thinlits.  On my…

Here is the part I am still working on today…

2017-02-24 13.22.08.jpg

This is just a portion of the 100 or so designs I have left to do.  Of course, that may dwindle as my energy dwindles.

Right now, I am getting ready to cut succulents for some of the 3D projects I am building.

How on earth do people know what to make for their craft fairs?  with this being my first one, I am at a total lost and am probably over preparing!  Oh well… I will be doing one in May too!

I have so much work ahead of me.  But, I do it to myself.  I wait until the last minute.  I am a habitual procrastinator… really, I am.

So, I will stay here… then move back home to my craft room…

Until next time,  keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne



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