It’s Fall Y’all

Welcome to Fall…

That magical time of the year when pumpkins are on every corner, you can wear leggings and yoga pants without anyone judging, and the days of sitting and crafting for hours on end because it’s rainy and you just don’t care have arrived!

Well, that being said… I am looking forward to creating some new fall projects this year.  Of course, I haven’t started them, So I am going to throw it back to a couple weeks ago.

Remember this card…

Those cute little hedgehogs are going to be given a new purpose today.  And, all because I just found the cutest little meme on the internet.  What fun it is to spend all day on a computer and not look at memes at least once when you should be working?

So, I think we have all the tools we need to make this meme into a card – don’t you?

I really want to see what you can come up with.  I will post mine on my Facebook page TOMORROW morning.  You will want to be sure to go like my page today so it will show up in your newsfeed tomorrow.  And then, go check it out tomorrow and post your pictures of your creations with this meme!

Until then… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne


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