I’m the Worst!

Seriously, I am!

I am a card maker who rarely sends cards!

How terrible is that?  I really need to change that!

I love to make cards.  I love to teach people to make cards.  I encourage people to send cards.  I used to work a card store…  Yet, I am a failure at sending cards.  There really needs to be a support group for people like me!

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday.  Is it weird for a grown woman to still refer to someone as the BFF?  Well, I really don’t care.  I have many friends.  I’m not bragging… “Many friends” nowadays is very different than “many friends” when I was much younger!  But, there is that one person who will travel across oceans to see me and I would travel to the ends of the earth to see her.  We get together a couple times a year.  I have had her almost as long as my oldest son.  Of course, I live a small town where everyone is related to everyone else, so knowing someone for 20 years doesn’t seem like much of an accomplishment.  But, I was a military brat who became a Marine wife.  We moved every 3 years.  In fact, I moved 38 times in 32 years.  So, keeping a friend for 20 years is a great achievement.  We have been friends since the day we meet.  And, you know what… I never send her a card!

2013-12-14 13.03.02.jpg
Dec. 2013 at my college graduation… What a great friend… She drove 8 hours to watch me walk!

This year, I thought, was going to be different.  I would send her a card.  Well, guess what.  Tomorrow is her birthday and I have no card to send her.  I can’t just send her any card. It needs to be special.  So, since I haven’t had the time… no card.

Am I a terrible friend?  Would you un-friend me?

What’s worse is that Stampin’ Up makes it so easy to whip out great birthday cards in no time.  Here is one that used the Birthday Banners stamp set (141506) and the coordinating Bunch of Banners Framelits (141488).


Whoops.. look at that… there is ink smeared on it.  Just the perfect touch for a homemade card, don’t you agree!

Here is the inside!


So tell me, should I just break down and send her this card?  Maybe go through my stash of old cards that I have made and send her something not designed just for her…  Or send a belated card?  Or maybe, just chalk it up to a loss this year and try for next year!?!

Do you send cards?

Am I just the worst?

Is there a card-sending help group?

Until next time… keep it simple, stampers!

🙂  Joanne

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