I’m Starting… No, Really, I am…


O M G!  Have I mentioned how lazy I am.  Actually, I’m not sure it’s laziness.  Wait… Yes, yes it is!

So, I have this craft fair coming up in a few weeks.  Actually, it’s in two weeks – Saturday, March 4th.  And, what do I have done for it…  NADA!  NOTHING!  ZILCH!!!

Actually, that is not true, I have plans.  I have big plans.  I am doing something like 180 cards and some 3D projects, including some succulents.  But, what have I started actually making… NADA!  NOTHING!  ZILCH!!!

Why on earth do I procrastinate so?

Do you do this?

I had big plans of going home from work yesterday and spending some quality time in the craft room.  Did I do this?  Nope!

What did I do?

I waited for the hubby to come home to take me to the store because I didn’t feel like driving myself the three miles.  Then, when we got home, I waited for the daughter to get home and do her dishes.  Then I made some homemade bread while I watched a couple movies.  Then, I ate some leftovers for dinner and went to bed.

Yes, I am that pathetic.  But, there is a plan… remember!

Yesterday, I cut three packs of card stock to be card bases and layers for the cards I am going to make.  Doesn’t that sound like a great accomplishment? It was a total of 102 bases and 96 layers.  Impressive, right!?!  Then, I will not mention that it took a total of three cuts with my heave-duty paper cutter to achieve it!  I’ll let you think that I did it one piece of paper at a time… 🙂

But, here is a picture of my first successful try at making homemade bread!!!


Did I mention that I left work at noon yesterday.  I know – that doesn’t make it any better does it?  Miss Hattie said I could, so I did!  But look at that bread.  It actually rose!

I am teaching kids at church how to make bread at Old Fashioned Day next Saturday.  I figured I needed to learn!  I can make yummy cinnamon rolls using yeast.  I taught them how to do this last year… so, when asked about this year, I told them I would teach a bread making lesson knowing full well that I have never actually been successful at it!  So, why not wait until a week before the event to try a new recipe from Pinterest?

But alas, this did not get any cards made for the upcoming craft fair.  I did make progress…  Not only did I cut cut down a bunch of cardstock with three cuts… hard work, I know… but I carried in the box of Stampin’ stuff i need into the house from the car.

I got other things done too, so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day…  I also brought in a candle bag from the car and tried to do some candlescaping…  after I shoved Dell’s stuff out of the way.  He tends to take over the dining room table when he comes home for a visit!


So, I promise you… I will make cards tomorrow and the next day…  I will be ready and I will post pictures 🙂

Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne

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