Fit for The King

I was originally going to call this post “Fit for a King” but then I realized, He is not simply a king, but THE KING!

No, you may be asking why is this card fit for The One and Only Risen King?  Because of the purple background.  And, if you are like me, you know that purple is the color of royalty… but, if you are really like me… you want to know why is purple the color of royalty?

Well, i did some searching and I guess it is because the color purple was very expensive to make.  It originally came from a mollusk found off the coast of Tyre (now Lebanon).  It took over 9,000 of these little shelled creatures to create one gram of dye.  So, only the richest of the rich – aka kings and rulers – could afford it.  It also symbolized holiness during the Greek and Roman Empires.  I guess during the rule of Queen Elizabeth, no one but the closest royal family was entitled to wear it (on a side note – did you know that during that time, only certain classes wore certain colors…?  Me neither!).  Then, along came a chemistry whore noticed quanine made a purple color and the rest is history from there…

So, now that we have learned something new today, let’s take a look at the actual card I made using a couple of the stunning purples that Stampin’ Up has to offer us.

2017-03-17 11.25.41wm

I CASE’d this card from a couple different ones that I found on Pinterest… so the idea is not originally mine.  But, I did go ahead and make y’all some instructions for it.  It will give you the measurements and the basic steps I took to create it.

Proj Sheet – Royal Easter

This was one of the 10 cards offered at my last Stamp Camp.  At my camps, which take place on the Third Thursday of most months… You can choose to make 10 cards or 5 cards.  You get to choose how many of which cards you would like to make.  One lady made six of these cards!  She found it really lovely and so simple to make.  I am sure you will too.

If you are wondering when my next Stamp Camp is… here are the dates…  🙂

2017 Stamp Camps.jpg

Until next time, keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂 Joanne



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