It’s coming…

It’s nearly here!

That time of the year that every man dreads.  And to be honest, I dread it too.

It’s almost Valentine’s Day.

Sure, it’s a great time to celebrate the one that you love.  But, I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t need some flowers bought out of an assumed obligation that will die in three days or candy that will ruin my diet…

Don’t get me wrong, I love it when my husband buys me such things.  But, I, like most of you all… would love it even more if he did it on a plain ol’ Tuesday and just for the heck of it.

I think the best thing he could give me for Valentine’s Day would be money to buy more stampin’ stuff.  Can I get an AMEN!

But, I will breakdown and make him a card.  I always do.  He is the sweetest man I know.  He does so much for me and our children.  He is always there for me!  Sure, he can be grumpy, especially when he is tired.  But, can’t we all be?  He really is the love of my life.  So, if he wants to buy me flowers and treat me nice.. so be it!

In the mean time, here is a little note set that we did at our recent team meeting.


It uses the Love Notes stamp set in the 2017 Occasions catalog.

The little bag was something that our team member Martha Swift showed us how to do back in the summer time.  It used two pieces of Designer Series paper.  No punch board was used… just some scoring, folding and snipping!  I will find my directions and post them (if I remember to!).

These would be perfect to put in lunches or to leave in a car or by the bathroom sink.  They are double sided… just jot a quick note on the back.  Perfect for all loved ones!

So, what do you do for Valentine’s Day?

Until next time…  keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne