Not All Hearts

Last year, around this time… Pinterest and Facebook were blowing up with so many wonderful creations using the delicate Bloomin’ Love thinlit.


Surely, you’ve seen by now.  It cuts out the most beautiful flowery hearts.

I used this to make one of the cards I showed y’all a couple days ago.  It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day cards.  It would work even on Mother’s Day cards or other cards for a woman.

Well, I used it recently, but in a different way…  The background of a balloon!


Yep, that’s right.  Here is the card… but don’t stop reading because I have a very important tip below…

2016-07-20 08.06a.png

and the inside 🙂

2016-07-20 08.06b.png

Okay… so you see that I used the Blusing Bride Glimmer Paper.  That is a sparkley, glittery thick cardstock.  It doesn’t so much like being fed through the Big Shot.  Especially on pieces so intricate.  So, here’s the secret…

You can gently peel the paper off the backing.  Just cut the right size and flick the corner a bit to start to peel.  Sometimes it comes off in one piece, other times it may take a few tries.  But, I have never not had it come off.

Now that I have your attention… can you imagine what this would look like with the new bright glimmer paper coming soon and available only for a limited time!?!  What.. you haven’t seen it yet.. just you wait!

Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!


So Much to Do!

So little desire to do it!

Have you ever been there.  I am there.  It’s not that I am lazy or tired (well, I am that!), or overwhelmed.  I just have other things that I want to do.

A little overview of my day…

  • 6:20am    Wake up and take a shower
  • 7am           Make breakfast while helping daughter with homework
  • 7:30am     Leave for school and work
  • 8-3pm      Work, work, work… and then work more
  • 3pm           Go home and start cooking dinner
  • 3:30pm     Cook dinner / clean up
  • 5pm           Run kiddos to various locations and run various
  • 9pm           Start helping son with homework

Why is it that we are always so busy.  Is it wrong that on Tuesday morning, I am already looking forward to sleeping in on Saturday morning?

I just would absolutely like to be doing nothing but hanging out in my craft room, organizing, making cards, even sweeping and dusting!  But, when I do get a chance to go up there… I never want to come down.  So, unless I have all night to do nothing but stamp, I don’t dare enter the black hole of creativity!

When I am upstairs, I lose all track of time.  I get lost in watching sappy chick-flicks while trying out new techniques or cutting pieces for new cards.

I mean, really… When I am at work, I am thinking about what cards I could be making.  I think, “Oh… I’ll just check real quick on Pinterest!”  I am not sure about you… but “real quick” and “Pinterest” should never be in the same sentence.  Next thing I know, It’s been an hour and I just want to go home and play with my stamps and paper!

So, here is what I did the one day I did take off a little bit early – shhh… don’t tell my boss!

I made a shaker card using one of the Hostess Sets from the 2016-2017 Annual catalog.  I am still working on shaker cards… trying different things to make them shake right.

Great, now I want to go home and try something new…

But, before I go… here are the directions on how I made that card!


Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne