Baby Moon

No, this isn’t about the small moon I saw last night.  But, hey, did you see it?  It was almost full but tiny.  Got me thinking about the Total Solar Eclipse coming up in a little over a week.

Is the moon going to be full to completely block out the sun?  And, can a total solar eclipse happen if the moon is not full.  I mean, really, the whole moon will be in front of the sun… so that’s a total eclipse, right?  I partial eclipse is when the sun is only partly covered by the moon.  Oh great!  Now I am so confused…  Well, back to topic at hand!

So, have you seen this beautiful sleep baby on top of the moon?  It’s a great set to welcome new babies into the world!

This card was inspired by Kirsten Aitchinson… and by inspired, I meant I copied it pretty much exactly!  But, who wants to recreate the wheel some days!

It’s just some cardstock, water color pencils and a sleeping baby!  What could be easier?

Until next time… keep it simple, stampers!

🙂  Joanne

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