A Craft Room Tour

You may or may not now this.. but aI am not in the country right now.  I have left on a Mission Trip to Haiti.  This is my second year going – here is the team from last year.  Everyone on this the trip this year is pictured… there just aren’t as many of us.  Only 8 this time around.


This was taken on our last day on the mountain following the Sunday church service.  After a few days on the mountain – we were ready to get back to indoor plumbing!  But, it was a great time.  I am so looking forward to going back up at the end of this week.

So, I thought in meantime, I could give you a little tour of my craft room!2017-04-21 20.53.46

This is what I see when I come up the stairs into my space above the garage.  Why, yes, my floor does look like a Bath & Body Works bag!  Thank you for noticing!  I love it!!!

2017-04-21 20.53.56

A little closer view…  I have a Big Shot station where I also keep my Score Board.  I have twine in glass canisters and my punches in a container in the corner.  An iPad keeps me binge watching Netflix as I stamp… and that stool under my desk in my best friend!  It’s how I reach those stamp sets!

2017-04-22 14.01.47

I keep all the current stamps above my work area.  The center one holds Annual Catalog stamps.  The end one has Occasion catalog stamps and a few of the background stamps from the Annual catalog.  And, the stamps above the paper are the carryover from the Holiday Catalog.  I don’t keep a lot of paper here… just my open packs of solid colored cardstock.  My ink is stored in an old cassette tape holder that my dad left me when they moved out (yes, I bought my parents home!)

2017-04-21 20.54.19

See, there are the punches in the corner.  Pardon the Paper Pumpkin corner… it’s a mess.  Always is.  I haven’t figured out how to organize that top side yet!

2017-04-21 20.54.30

Here is the pony wall that my hubby built me so that I don’t fall down the stairs!  How about those clear bins on the top.  I got those from Yankee Candle when we stitched how we display things.  I used them to hold projects I am working on.  And, they don’t block the sun from coming in.

Under the bins, I keep my current DSP and unopened cardstock.  The middle section has retired DSP.  And, all those stamps on the end is my collection of retired sets.  I am not sure how I am going to fit all the ones that need to move over on June 1st!

All nicely organized… huh!  Well, not so fast… here is the unfinished corner!

2017-04-21 20.54.07

It holds a bunch of empty boxes and unorganized stuff.  When the room is complete, this will be my sewing and Cricut corner.  And, that radio there… that dates back to Junior High School – circa 1984!

I hope you enjoyed my craft room.  Come on over anytime and we’ll create something fun!

Until next time… keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne

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