The Little Engine

There are very few sentences that can instantly transport me back to my childhood – but “I think I can” is definitely one of them.  To be honest… I bet you can’t say that line just once.  Go ahead, try it.  See, it has to be three times!

And, can you say that line without the image of a little blue smiling train poppin’ into your head?  I can’t.  The Little Engine that Could was one of the first Golden Books that I remember reading.  You are picturing it right now, aren’t you.

Well, sometimes in life, people need to be reminded that they can accomplish something they may be struggling with.  Or, maybe they did accomplish it, but you just can’t give them a standard “Congrats” card.  You need to give them something unique.  Have no fear… the Designer Tee stamp set provides the greatest sentiment ever…



This set is available only for a limited time and is FREE with a $50 purchase.

I did do something very controversial with the stamp I used in this design.  I cut it.  Would you ever cut a stamp?  Sometimes I do.  I can see myself using the little train a lot without the word bubble.  So, why not.  I can easily piece them back together to use as a whole again.

Have you ever cut a stamp?

Until next time, keep it simple, Stampers!

🙂  Joanne


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